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The Bratwurst Revolution

Today’s guest post is by Annika Reinhardt. She was born and raised on a farm with pigs, rabbits, and happy chickens in Eastern Germany. As a child she was the pickiest eater and her parents still can’t believe…

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Posted by: on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
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This Ain’t No Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood 2.0

Introducing the Foodists Guest Contributor column. This space will regularly feature travelers, subject matter experts and people we generally like. Today Annika Reinhardt, our foodie friend travelling through Europe,…

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Posted by: on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
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What would you do with a brewery in Bavaria? I suspect if you asked a thousand people this question, 999 of them would answer in the same way: “I’d brew beer!”. Dieter Liepold, though, is not one to run…

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Posted by: on Thursday, March 12th, 2009
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Ich Wünsche Meine Schokolade Bitte!

OK, this one is going to make chocoholics like Ben quiver with delight: custom-made chocolate bars! Settle down now. Much like custom muesli and coffee concepts that seem to be popping up online recently, a company in…

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Posted by: on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
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