Ich Wünsche Meine Schokolade Bitte!

Chocri Customized Chocolate

Chocri Customized Chocolate

OK, this one is going to make chocoholics like Ben quiver with delight: custom-made chocolate bars! Settle down now. Much like custom muesli and coffee concepts that seem to be popping up online recently, a company in Germany called Chocri offers customized chocolate called “Meine Schokolade” (My Chocolate). Not just labels, THE ACTUAL CHOCOLATE.

What are you in the mood for white chocolate with nuts? Dark chocolate with raisins? Gummi bears in milk chocolate? Why not? When you’re done, name it and your own blend of chocolate is on its way. With only organic, fair trade chocolate priced from $4–$10 for a 125 gram bar, it’s affordable too. Order two! Heck, order a whole batch for your staff or clients!

The only problem is that the whole website is in German—oh ze Germans!


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