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Braised Lamb at Thanksgiving

While dining rooms across the town are full of turkey, stuffing and a variety of family variations on thanksgiving classics I turned myself loose on my kitchen for a pre-thanksgiving dinner of sorts seeing as mine’s…

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Posted by: on Monday, October 11th, 2010
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Butchers of Gastown Take on a Lamb

Photo credit: Todd Smith It all started with a pig called Wanda. Then some members of the Foodists collective went on a road trip to Clinton, BC to pick out some lambs from Cutter Ranch. Now one of their fine animals has…

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Posted by: on Friday, May 28th, 2010
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From Field to Feast

“Respect the animal. Show up on time and be prepared to work. You will eat some great food and take some with you to enjoy in the weeks and months to come, but the focus during butchery and prep is work. Take…

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Posted by: on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
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Meeting Our Lambs at Cutter Ranch

Ewes normally have twins. But sometimes they have triplets. One lamb is born, then a second, and if a third comes it’s a surprise to the ewe and to the farmer. The ewe looks up and counts: one, two, um, three.…

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Posted by: on Thursday, July 9th, 2009
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