From Field to Feast

Tyler proudly holding Angus

“Respect the animal. Show up on time and be prepared to work. You will eat some great food and take some with you to enjoy in the weeks and months to come, but the focus during butchery and prep is work. Take pleasure in the process of cooking and the responsibilities that come with the opportunity to cook- including cleaning and not wasting the life of the lamb or the farmer who raised it.”

These words from Chef Anthony Nicalo should be a manifesto for all butchers. A directive that a few of us are being newly introduced. I am honoured to be a part of the second wave of the “Butchers of Gastown” as we welcome a 100+ pound lamb from the incomparable Cutter Ranch. Having never butchered a whole animal before and excited to learn new culinary techniques and processes, I find myself pleasantly surprised by how the lead up to the event this Sunday is less about techniques and more of the respect and honour to, not only our lamb, but to all ingredients being sourced from preparation to final plating. Sustainable, humane, providence, respect… words of wisdom and teaching to better understand and appreciate the entire cooking experience. From field to feast.

From the field of, our lamb, dubbed Angus 2, will arrive on Sunday to be butchered and prepared into many succulent dishes with a team of Foodists enjoying and learning along the way. The lamb’s heritage and upbringing is one that is very important to us as purveyors of providence and the letter below from Tyler McNaughton of Cutter Ranch Lamb only confirms that we are lucky to have such devoted and caring individuals providing excellent food sources.

“Angus was slaughtered this afternoon and is hanging as we speak. We are still on track to deliver. I won’t however be making it down to the coast this trip, Sach will be. She is leaving Saturday morning and our butcher is letting her in his shop specially so she will be able to deliver directly from the cooler to you within 3 hours, head on, organs and all!

Your group had better be excited about this animal coming your way since Sach got to see it hanging today and it is more than impressive. We hope that you and your group will be able to experience the reverence for the quality of life this animal lived as much as we did. It had a great beginning and you get to give it a worthy end my friend. Good luck!”

Images, video and multiple perspectives of the experience will be posted here on Foodists after this weekend. Stay tuned!


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  1. Posted on May 14th, 2010

    I love that Foodists is shedding light on local farming, ethically raised animals and the connection from field to feast. So important to know where our food comes from, and to respect and be conscious of that as we enjoy it. So awesome. Suggested follow-up post: A list of butchers in the Vancouver area that source local and ethically raised animals?

  2. Posted on March 24th, 2013

    The meat supervisor of all the Choices Markets stores (6 in Vancouver, 1 in Kelowna) sources organic (and specialty), local and ethically raised animals as much as he can. His name is Rob Hunt and he can be reached at [email protected].

  3. Posted on March 26th, 2013

    Thanks for the info Abby!

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