I’d Eat Tony’s Nasty Bits

You know how much I love good food. I also love a good read. Nobody combines both like Anthony Bourdain. The infamous chef, author and television host – and personal hero of mine – has once again outdone himself, this time serving up varied dishes of spicy delights with his new book The Nasty Bits. A veritable tasting menu of literary outtakes from his collected works of articles, stories and misadventures, Bourdain’s candid gastronomic exposés and self-deprecating style makes each short chapter easy to digest and fun to read. To read Nasty Bits is much like sharing a meal of spicy tapas with an old friend who just returned from a year of travelling. Good one Tony.

UPDATE: For those lucky enough to live here in Vancouver, BC, Chef Bourdain will be autographing books after the taping of CBC Radio‘s next episode of Studio One Book Club at the historic Yale Hotel on Granville this coming Sunday, June 11th, 2006. The event, co-sponsored by CBC Radio One, The Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Writers Festival, and Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks is sold out, but check the website for upcoming events.

UPDATE: I wrote a follow up review of the event.


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  1. Posted on June 3rd, 2006

    Bourdain is coming to Vancouver as part of the CBC Studio One Book Club. Only 300 people will be allowed to be there at the Yale on Sunday, June 11th. Want to go, enter here:

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