Meet your 2016 DinnerPartyYVR Hobby Chef: Majid Khoury

MajidEvery year, Majid Khoury contemplates attending DinnerPartyYVR as a guest. But each year, Majid ends up being the host of a dinner, and with great pleasure, too. “It is such a fun event,” he says, “having strangers show up at your home and introducing them to authentic Lebanese food, meeting great people—some of whom become friends—and all the while contributing to a worthy cause. I am hooked.”

Majid’s guests are treated to a wonderful journey. “We always start by tasting authentic Lebanese arak, the best booze experience in the world, along with mezza, a selection of five to seven small dishes, like hummus, baba ghanouj, tabouleh,” he says. “This year I may try a new main dish, but of course Lebanese desserts smelling of rose and orange blossom water paired with café blanc will wrap up the evening.”Majid’s passion for homegrown food and his love for gardening inspires him to cook for World in a Garden, a grassroots organization that educates communities and youth about the importance of growing our own food. “As the taste of food we buy becomes blander year after year, I would love to see every house in the city ripping out their useless front lawns and replacing them with vegetable gardens,” he says. “Plus, Tricia Sedwick, who created this society is the most charming person in the world, so having her as a guest really adds a lot to guests’ experience.”

FullSizeRender_8Lw5KEPFood is an experience to be shared, and a movement that Majid believes should and can happen. “If Uber drivers can share their cars with strangers and AirBnb hosts can share their home with world travellers, why can’t we share our food with our own community?”

DinnerPartyYVR, presented by Cressey, has raised over $30,000 for local charities. Tickets to Majid’s dinner are available here.

Each meal also include a complimentary ride provided by Sober Guys to the to the After Party at MakerLabs which will feature local desserts and entertainment. Diners will enjoy fresh ingredients from Whole Foods Market and beverages courtesy of Howe Sound Brewing, Serendipity Winery, and DRY Sparkling. Additionally, BlueShore Financial and Dana Propp & Bret Schillebeeckx of The Real Results are supporting the event as charitable partners, ensuring 100% of tickets sales are donated to causes you care about.

Article written by: Amanada Jun


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    Meet your 2016 DinnerPartyYVR Hobby Chef: Majid Khoury. Every year, Majid contemplates attending DinnerPartyYVR…

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    @somervillektchn is setting up a Lebenese forest in his home for #DPYVR Read more about it on @foodists

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