Thanksgiving pumpkin pie revisited


How many pumpkin pie posts are too many? None I say! Especially when it’s Thanksgiving time again in Canada!

A few years back I wrote about how I attempted to make pumpkin pie the old fashion way, and in the end found the Cooks Illustrated recipe with a can of pumpkin purée and a can of candied yams to be the best. So I dusted off my pie pan and got to work for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner with foodie friends.

Everything went swimmingly, but I found that blind baking the pie crust until golden brown led to slightly over-baked crust edges when the pie filling was baked. And I didn’t follow my own recipe closely enough this year and failed to simmer down the purée enough and tried to speed up cooling of the pie leading to a slightly wetter pie when we served it. Oops.

The day after Thanksgiving we all awoke with a longing for more pie, and as I had enough pie dough left, I gave it another go. This time I let it simmer longer, only half baked the crust before adding the filling, and let it stand for a few hours to let it really set up. The result? A silky smooth pie. Delicious.

Here’s a link to the post with the recipe so you can give it a go yourself. Let me know how it turns out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Posted on October 15th, 2014

    Thanksgiving = pumpkin pie! ^MB

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