Street Meat on CBC Radio

I love street food and like many of my “food dork” friends, I’m frustrated by the lack of street eats in Vancouver. How many hot dogs can we eat? Well apparently I’m not alone in my culinary angst.

Today I was interviewed on CBC Radio One along with food writers Alexa Clark in Toronto, author of Cheapeats Toronto, and food maven Matthew Gibbon in Halfix – both passionate street meat lovers. Our discussion ranged from what “street meat” actually is, our favourite streeet food spots, why there really isn’t a huge street food scene in Canada, and our best experiences with street food abroad. The irony was that I was absolutely starving for the entire interview and nearly chewed off my own hand.

The show, Sounds Like Canada in the Summer, is hosted by Jian Ghomeshi and will air at 10am PST on CBC Radio One (AM690 in Vancouver). Listen here.


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