Rum Toddy


My friend Diane, chef and Food & Beverage Manager at Saint John’s Imperial Theatre, heard I was sick this week and sent me her recipe for the traditional Maritime remedy for all that ails me: a Rum Toddy!

It’s warm. It’s soothing. It’s cinnamony. It’s so good, you’ll want another.

Rum Toddy

  • Squeeze and toss half a lemon into a 14 oz glass,
  • add at least 2oz rum (Appleton’s of course) or at least an amber rum. If you want to have a good night’s sleep add another tot,
  • squeeze in lots of honey, (2 tbsp. or more to taste)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon,
  • heat until warm and fragrant, but don’t boil.  (microwaving for 20-40 seconds works well.)
  • top off with boiling water.
  • Adjust flavour to taste by adding more honey/lemon/rum
  • top off with 1/2 tsp of butter.
  • Garnish with cinnamon stick.  Yum Yum.

Diane added “As you can tell, it’s not particular about how much of any ingredient, as long as you have all the ingredients.  P.S. you can skip the butter, but why would you?????”


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