Porchetta Crawl

How do you truly compare four different porchetta sandwiches from across Vancouver? Eat them all at the same lunch! To help burn off the 10,000+ calorie carbo load, it’s always good to throw in an exercise regime in the middle of it all. So do it all on bikes!

We set out on an adventure that would test our limits of pork absorption and pedal power. The Porchetta Crawl started on a simple need. The need to discover more about this delicious italian pork roast and the variations in taste and style that was on offer around town.

Starting with Moccia & Urbani’s homespun version that is only available on Saturdays, we biked through the city for stops at Big Lou’s, Meat & Bread and the Pronto Caffe.

The end result is the video you’re about to watch. Warning! Have a porchetta sandwich close by, you will be hungry.


The Porchetta Crawl


Gourmet vs Gourmand is a web series of culinary adventures shared by Alec and Johnathon. Over the past few years, the eating duo have ploughed through Choucroute at Le Crocodile, trekked through the wilds of North Carolina and West Broadway in search of BBQ, buried a lamb barbacoa in Alec’s backyard and gotten Lost in Robson’s Koreatown culture of meat and Karaoke. They are currently planning their next epic quest, GvsG: An Unexpected Journey, due out this spring.


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