Chutney Villa’s Killer Lunch

You know how it happens. You get in a rut going to the same old lunch places, and then someone suggests a place you all know about, should go to more often, but don’t for some reason. It was like that earlier this week as we were on our way to our favourite Chinese BBQ pork on rice place.

I was on the cell phone and just kind of following the others. Next thing I know, we’re in Chutney Villa. Located at 147 E Broadway (just west of Main Street), this place is a jewel of South Indian cuisine. Aside from their regular menu, they offer an $8.95 lunch special. This is your choice of lamb, chicken or fish in varying levels of heat. What comes is a large silver plate filled with tender rice, a bowl of sambal soup, a couple of chapatis, a quartet of home made chutneys (these were amazing) and the main course, a generous bowl of your preferred meat. I ordered mine ‘medium’ and it was plenty spice enough, the lamb tender and not overpowered by the rich sauce. My lunch mates specified theirs ‘hot’ and they came with the addition of sliced bits of green chilies floating atop the lamb. I could see beads of sweat on their brows which they wore as badges of honour.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Indian food. I love it, but not always the after effects. Thus, I don’t find myself craving it regularly. Not so with Chutney Villa’s offering. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. We’ll be back. Though from 2004, you can check out the Georgia Straight’s more comprehensive review here.

Chutney Villa is located at 147 East Broadway (at Main). Their telephone number is (604) 872-2228.

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