Revolutionizing Hangovers

On Sunday, I bought an ice cream maker. Seems a bit frivilous, doesn’t it? Well, I may have tended to agree until this morning, when I made my first bowl of Gatorade sorbet.

An ice cream maker is made up of only three parts – a very cold bowl, a mixing blade, and a motorized base. You put the very cold bowl on top of the motorized base, pour in whatever you’d like, drop the blade into the bowl, and turn the machine on. It’s not exactly advanced thermodynamics. Indeed, it’s the simplicity of the whole process that is most appealing. You can put pretty much any liquid into the very cold bowl, and you’ll get some kind of frozen product after about 10 minutes.

In the three days I’ve had my machine, I’ve made a minted peach sorbet, a fresh-squeezed orange slushie, vanilla ice cream, and, of course, the aforementioned Gatorade sorbet. I imagine that over the next week I’ll try a number of other frozen concoctions. Mojito slurpees, anyone?

I bought my Cuisinart ICE-20 at The Bay for $79.99. This seems to be the same price as at other stores, but at The Bay, it comes with an extra very cold bowl. Which is great, because you never have to wait for the bowl to re-freeze to make another batch.


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