Pasta Frenzy!

I had a blast the other night. I decided to finally break out the pasta maker that my parents gave us for Christmas. It took a long time for me to build up the courage, but I had some alone time (rare) and decided to give it a go. What great fun! First I had some difficulties figuring out a proper recipe – it kept coming out too dry and crumbly. But after some trial and error, I felt like I was in the heart of Italy cranking out my spaghetti. It’s amazing how simple it really is (when you have a KitchenAid).

4 cups flour
4 eggs
1 tbsp water.

How easy is that? The fun part was feeding it through the machine. When you fold it and put it through the rollers, sometimes it snaps – remember doing that with Silly Putty? In the end, we had reams of fresh spaghetti. And seriously – it tastes 1000 times better than store-bought.

With my new-found knowledge, we took our pasta maker to Ben and Andrea’s and made homemade tortellini.

Here is the recipe for the filling:

Potato Leek Tortellini

Chop 2 medium leeks
Couple sprigs thyme
One bay leaf
Salt and pepper (to taste)
1 cup heavy cream

Saute the leeks in butter until soft (30+ minutes)
Boil or bake and mash 2 large golden yukon potatoes
Cool, blend potatoes and leeks together and add grated parmesan cheese (to taste)
Spoon into fresh (thin) pasta shells and form into ravioli, sealing closed with water or melted butter
Serve with white truffle oil beurre blanc and slices of parmesan on top.

This site has a bunch of recipes for stuffed pasta. Fill your boots!


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