Venison, anyone?

For the past five years, I’ve had the luck to visit Seaview Game Farms in Merville, BC., the province’s leading producer of fallow venison. Venison is a delightful meat. Dark, dense and very lean, venison is wonderful in any number of preparations. If you find yourself on Vancouver Island in the near future, be sure to drop in and stock up.

Fallow deer come from Europe, and were introduced into British Columbia in 1987. They are smaller than our native species, and the meat is less gamey than what you may have tried from your hunting friends. Venison in general is very lean, so it cooks fast and should be treated with care – overcooking venison a definite no-no.

My favourite is grilled venison cutlets, peppered and served with a blue cheese butter and a pile of blanched green beans. It’ll pair nicely with that Syrah you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Seaview sells a variety of cuts, from tender cutlets to whole roasts and tenderloins. They also make venison pate, jerky, and sausages. The farm also raises chickens and lamb – all of the meat is organically grown. Seasonal vegetables and mushrooms are also avaliable at the farm store, along with fresh baking and tasty coffee. Farm tours are run daily (book in advance) and there’s even a petting zoo for the kids. If you make it over there, be sure to say hi to Jackson, the famously friendly farm dog.

According to the website, Seaview takes orders for venison, so you may want to consider getting together with a few friends and ordering a pile of tasty deer.

Seaview farms is located between Courtenay and Campbell River, on the East coast of Vancouver Island. From Courtenay, head North up the old Island Highway. Turn right on the well-signed Williams Beach Road and follow the road down to the farm.


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