Cheap Wine of the Week

Pinotage is not my favorite grape variety. The high-toned, often bitter examples I’ve had in the past mean that it doesn’t even make the top twenty. But if there were more wines like the Graham Beck “Pinno” 2004 ($14.99) in our market, I might have to start shaking up the order! The colour is quite saturated, with a deep ruby core and a thin garnet rim. The nose is quite intense with youthful aromas of spicy, brambly red and black fruits and a clean, earthy undertone that adds interest. The wine is dry, with nice, crisp acidity, low, soft tannins, and only a hint of latent bitterness on the fruity finish. It’s very well balanced for this varietal – a pinotage for the masses at $14.99 a bottle! Click here for availability.


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