BC Wines Found Far Afield

If you enjoy BC wines and also tend to travel to the US, you’ll know that it’s rare to see anything from BC on a wine list south of the border. And if you do find one, it’s bound to be an ice wine. Imagine my surprise, when purusing the wine list at the upscale steakhouse chain, Fleming’s, in Miami last week, to see not one, but two BC wines!

And neither of them were ice wines. As we were entertaining clients, we thought it appropriate to order a wine from our backyard and settled on the Osoyoos Larose 2001, which is a favourite of mine. Our other option was from Jackson-Triggs.

I guess Vincor’s international status has proven successful in getting some of its lesser knowns wines onto what is probably the largest and finest by-the-glass list of any chain in North America. Nice to see some fabulous BC wines getting their dues so far from home.


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