Adventures in Bellingham Vol. I

I don’t presume to know anything about wine, but I’ll be goddammed if I don’t know when something is delicious. As I make my way into my mid twenties, a nip of the old vino tastes better and better all the time. Imagine my excitement when I discover there is winery and tasting room in my own backyard – specializing in Mead.

The winery, called Honey Moon, is named for an old European tradition wherein newlyweds drink a cup of honeyed wine – or mead – each night for a month. Newlywed or not, this place is an ideal setting for a hot date. It’s simultaneously classy and affordable, intimate and with a sense of history. As you sit beside exposed brick walls, you’re surrounded by mammoth wooden casks, a warm reminder that the nectar you’re enjoying is made right there, only a room away. For our readers in Vancouver, try stopping by Honey Moon on your next visit south, instead of the standard pilgrimage to Bellis Fair Mall.


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