Almost Perfect Pad Thai


Pad Thai is one of those dishes that I have tried and tried to recreate, but have rarely had much luck with. Even in restaurants here, it’s usually not that great. You realize this especially if you’ve been lucky enough to have the real thing in Thailand where it can be cooked right in front of you on a food cart in the street, or at a beach side restaurant under swaying palms looking out over the ocean—it’s almost always dirt cheap and oh so tasty!

Well, after years of trying, I finally found a Pad Thai recipe on Chez Pim that worked out so well, that the only thing that would have made it better would’ve been if I was transported back to that beach on Koh Pangang. The recipe is really quite simple, consisting of only a few ingredients, all of which I’m sure can be found at most Asian markets in Vancouver (I got all of mine at AAA Produce on the Drive). There are so few and they’re so cheap that I wouldn’t bother trying to substitute any of them. The author of the blog admits to being a little wordy about the whole process, but just read it and follow the instructions…you won’t be disappointed!


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