I Love Meat


My wife reluctantly sent me a link to Meatpaper, a new print and online publication featuring everything and anything to do with meat. Why was she so reluctant? As a lapsed vegetarian and someone constantly trying to reduce my piles of magazines, she wasn’t so much into introducing me to this one. But, she loves me, and knows I love meat, so…

Even as someone who loves meat, and the sort of twisted meat-related art that people like my wife have no appreciation for at all, I’m going to have to hold judgement on this one until I get into the content a bit more. I haven’t got a print version to review, but online, their meat ‘Links’ section has some gems like Late night burger-grinding: Inside the dry-aging room at New York’s Master Purveyors and Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality.

I’m looking forward to getting to the meat of it all. Ha ha.


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