The Flying Tiger

flying tiger

I read about the Flying Tiger on the Vancouver Magazine website and I was pretty excited to go since they serve “Asian Street Food” and that just conjures up all kinds of tastes.  But I should have looked at the menu more closely. When they said Asia they really meant all of it – from Vietnam, to India to Japan, China and Korea. Well, if you’ve traveled to any of those places you might have noticed that the food and cultures are completely different. Why do some restaurants feel the need to lump a whole continent’s cuisine together?

The food was good but not great. There were some delicious dishes like the duck confit crepes but others were not as flavourful as they could have been. This is a great place for drinks and a few appys but don’t expect to be wowed.

The Flying Tiger is located 2958 W 4th Avenue. Vancouver, BC in Kitsilano; (604) 737-7529,

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