Trattoria Italian Kitchen

Every day on the way to work, I walk past a bunch of great restaurants on 4th Ave. Fuel, Gastropod and more recently, Trattoria. The one time I tried to go before, the line up was over an hour long and I’ve never made it back since. However I finally made it one of 4th’s newest restaurants this week eagerly wanting to dive into some traditional Italian cuisine and washing it down with a glass (or 3) of Chianti.

The meal consisted of some Bruschetta flatbread to start with a traditional lasagna for my friend and some hand rolled gnocchi in a pesto cream sauce for me. The Bruschetta was offered with fresh ground pepper (typical) but also freshly grated sea salt. NICE! The while meal was solid. I hesitate to say that it was amazing, but there’s a niche for good food at a good price in a good location. Trattoria fits the bill for me.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen is located 1850 W 4th Avenue. Vancouver, BC in Kitsilano; (604) 732-1441,

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