Where Does a Love of Food Begin?

Lauren and Chloe enjoy baking cookies in their new Easy Bake oven.

Lauren and Chloe enjoy baking cookies in their new Easy Bake oven.

This year we gave a Betty Crocker Easy Bake oven to our young niece Chloe, who has been baking cookies in it like a fiend ever since. A regular baker! And during the holidays my young nephew Landon and I spent some quality time working on his knife skills as he helped me prepare various dishes for Xmas dinner. This got me to thinking where my love of food began and what led me to this fixation when so many others find food uninspiring—some even finding eating an inconvenience!

I have early memories of my dad showing me how to cook in “his kitchen” (he was the alpha cook at the Busse house). I vividly remember walking through China Town and the smell of dried mushrooms and the flavour of my first coconut bun, still warm from the oven. I remember enjoying the cooking and baking components of Home Ec. when my friends were taking “cooler” electives. And the first time I was brave enough to try sushi changed all the rules for me, forever leaving me with a pallet longing for more.

What are your earliest culinary memories? What conspired to make YOU a Foodists?


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