Mekong sub, Banh mi


[Cribbed in whole with permission from my friend Chef Kurt Slauson’s FaceBook page. Kurt is an Art Institute of Seattle grad, former Sous chef at Canlis in Seattle, as well as Chef de Cuisine at noted restaurants in Kelowna. Kurt has been a strong influence on me and my growing interest in food.]

I learned this from a guy I worked with at Canlis, Phouvy, who was from Laos. He had been at Canlis twenty years. We the cooks always had to make staff dinner before service, and staff snack for after–which was hard on top of feeding 450 rich folks a night, in roughly three hours! We would beg Phouvy for these, but he only kicked them out once in a while. So I went all food networky here to share this brilliant colonialism sandwich with y’all, if you haven’t had one yet. It’s fusion food before that was restaurant chic, using French imperialist ingredients like sherry, pate, baguette, combined with Vietnamese fillings. Awesome sandwich, especially if yr after something fresh and crunchy–great for the summer.

Mis en place for Phouvy subs–green onion, bell pepper, jalepeno (or hotter chiles if you like), shallot, liver pate, bean sprouts, cilantro, quick-pickled carrots, boudin sausage, baguette, vinaigrette.

Really the fillings are endless for meats (ham, BBQ pork, fishes, headcheese) and for you veggies tofu or soy cold cuts would be fantastic.

The kicker is the pate and the vinaigrette–for veggies, sub mayo for pate. vinaigrette is simple chili, garlic, lemongrass, sherry vinegar, ginger, sesame oil–etc. etc.

Go nuts with veg garnishes, too–daikon, lettuce, shredded cabbage…


PS and the “secret” ingredients, neither of which I have on hand are in the vinaigrette: fish sauce and Maggi, both.


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