Raspberry Vinaigrette, thy time has come.

Sometime about 1991, every restaurant in the known universe started to offer raspberry vinaigrette as a dressing option. For a world used to a choice between ranch, italian, and 1000 islands, this cheeky pink number was a refreshing change. Slowly but surely, it made it’s way into our cupboards and kitchens, and the world was, for a time, peacefully happy with it’s berry-flavoured friend.

Enough already.

Consider this a plea to restaurateurs, chefs, and line cooks everywhere. Stop. Please. Give me an orange vinaigrette or a pomegranate vinaigrette or *gasp* a dressing that is not a vinaigrette at all. Offer me the classic olive oil and balsamic combo. Hell, serve me my salad with a light glaze of bacon drippings and I’ll be happy. Just leave the raspberries in the coulis where they belong.


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