Smash! My (New) Favourite Norwegian Junk Food.


I promised myself that on this trip to Norway, I would try as many authentic Norwegian foods as possible. New favourites would be found. I would spare no expense and no tastebuds in this venture. No animal nor vegetable would be safe, and I would be a more knowledgeable man for it in the end: a better understanding of Norway and of its people though its many and varied gustatorial delights would surely ensue. Well, this is where it all begins, my friends.

Smash! is my new favourite junk food. They are basically Bugles covered in chocolate. But what, you might ask, does this crispy sweet chocolatey smash up tell me about Norway and the Norwegians? Well, I suspect the person who came up with this idea was himself smashed at the time, so clearly they are drunks. It’s also clear that at least one very tasty idea came of this. Hmmm. Perhaps I should have a look at the local beer next…


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