It’s not champagne, it’s not pop…it’s champagne pop!

Welcome to Norway, land of the most beautiful people on earth. And while looking gorgeous, they can turn out some pretty mean chow: so far I’ve had a seriously good lamb stew, made by my wife’s grandmother, fish pudding, and, only two days into my trip, more kinds of cake than you have ever eaten or will ever think of – really – and they wash it all down with champagne pop. That’s right, here the most refined of French luxury beverages has smashed into America’s most common, and the result, well, the result tastes kind of like cream soda lite.

Okay, not everybody drinks the stuff all the time, but it’s pretty good, in a I’m-too-old-for-pop-but-not-quite-sophisticated-enough-to-be-drinking-champagne kind of way. So it’s perfect for me! Thus far, the best pairing has been with paprika chips: kind of like Pringles, but crispier, with red bell pepper flavour. Mmmmm. A match made in junk-food junky Valhalla.


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