I Gave Up Meat and Dessert for Canada’s Gold

Melody Fury Gives Up Meat and Dessert

The streets were eerily quiet last Sunday morning before the men’s gold medal hockey game, Canada v.s. the US. Line-ups of fans were winding around the block outside bars, all decked in red.

My friends and I congregated at Metropole and I was painfully nervous. I knew we must win this game or all hell would break lose. I’ve literally seen grown men cry when the Canucks lost and let’s not forget the very ugly riot when we lost the Stanley Cup. Still, hockey is our game and we believed.

Like many of you experienced, the anticipation was maddening and the cheers were deafening. I’ve never screamed or tweeted IN CAPS so much in my life. Here is my twitter play by play.

Our first goal

Our second goal: We were all chanting and feeling strong.

FRICK! US scores their first goal. Our spirits were dampened a bit but we’re still in the lead.

NO!! 24.4 seconds left in the 3rd period and US team’s Zach Parise scored. The bar went silent. Jaws dropped. Tears welled up. Very anti-climatic.

Overtime! I wanted us to win sooo desperately that I prayed and tweeted this:

AND IT WORKED! I couldn’t believe it! Our very own Sidney Crosby scored the winning shot 7:40 into overtime! The place exploded into ballistic celebration, hugs, screaming, and rounds of O Canada.

When I was exhausted from cheering, I remembered this:

Now, I’m not taking any credit for our victory but in the heat of the moment, my patriotism overpowered my foodisty. I almost swore off wine but thank goodness my senses kicked in.

No regrets though, it was definitely worth it. Have fun taunting me this month.

Where were you when Canada seized gold?


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