What would your last meal be?

Had a conversation the other day about people on ‘Death Row’ (not sure how we ended up on this topic) and what people’s last meals would be. It lead to us wondering what would we have as our last meal if we had to choose one.

Not a simple question to answer. Presuming I was on Death Row (ill accused of course) and I didn’t have the luxury of beckoning say Gordon Ramsey to come and personally cook for me, I started to think about what it would be that I would want to eat. Fish and chips would be amazing and definitely on the menu right after a starter of mini Yorkshire Puddings with proper gravy and thickly sliced onions. The main course would be a Sunday Roast – roast beef, roasted potatoes (nice and crispy) with fresh horseradish and even more yummy gravy.

When it came to desert I would allow my ‘no sugar and no dairy’ rule to lapse (just this once mind you) and would enjoy bread and butter pudding. Followed by fine rice pudding, a decaf Americano (don’t want to get a caffeine head ache just before dying eh!) served with a very, very expensive bar of dark chocolate. All of this would be complimented with two pints of good local beer.

What would your last meal be (add links to recipes where appropriate)?


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  1. Posted on June 21st, 2010

    this is a question that I end up asking almost everyone I know at some point, although I’m not entirely sure what my answer would be. O-toro maybe, or pork belly in caramel miso sauce. There would be blackberries for dessert and whiskey throughout.

    There are several sites that actually track prisoners’ last meals and they are quite interesting…most people seem to go for comfort food.

  2. Posted on July 23rd, 2010

    This is a really hard thing to consider. My first instinct is to scream “EVERYTHING AND AS MUCH OF IT AS I WANT!!”, but let’s moved passed pure ID impulses. There are so many possible combinations of dises I would want, but I’ll try and think out one menu option. If I was on death row, and had the luxury of having whatever I wanted before the Big Sleep, I’d go absolutely-no-holds-barred:

    Appetizers: A nice greek salad, with tons of feta along with a mini blue-cheese and bacon slider-type burger. Served with a short glass of fresh orange juice with a spike of white rum.

    The Main course: A huge platter, consisting of roasted lemon-pepper asparagus with garlic butter, a big tasty lump of mashed potatoes swimming in deliciously simple butter with salt and pepper, and then a massive, premium cut of aged Rib-eye Steak, marinated in a rich, flavourful Southern-style BBQ sauce, and grilled a juicy, tantalizing medium-rare. All this washed down with a pint or two of some kind of stout beer (something local, preferably).

    And Dessert: If I still had room left (and even if I didn’t I’d give it the old College-Try), half of a freshly baked peach-blueberry pie, and then a classic bowl of creme brule, served with a big mug of Bailey’s and coffee.

    After a meal like that (if I actually made it through the meal to be executed after), I think I’d die with a contented grin crystallized on my face.

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