Show me a world with no cheese


I know, I know, what type of person doesn’t like cheese? More so, what type of Foodist doesn’t like cheese? To answer such a mind boggling question (without too many graphic details), one who is lactose intolerant. Some would say I have a mental phobia against cheese to the point where the smell makes be queasy and the thought of cheese touching other food on my plate ruins the meal. I would presume it is similar to a vegetarian not wanting to have meat touching their food, or the smell of bubbling animal flesh may not be their aroma of choice.

Living in London, UK, before moving to Canada I would often buy lunch out. There is a huge sandwich culture in England and it is very common for people to have a sandwich for lunch seven days a week. There are great sandwich shops with so many varieties as well as catering for different types of food allergies. When I moved to Canada I was shocked that almost every sandwich has cheese on it. What’s with you people? I was most shocked to see that cheese had been added to a Roast Beef Sandwich. At this point in this post all the English readers are shocked and stunned by such a disgrace, and all the Canadians are thinking ‘and so your point is’. Adding cheese to a roast beef sandwich is as wrong as having ketchup flavoured maple syrup.

Sometimes a shop may sell an Egg sandwich which is great, but sometimes I am just not in the mood for that. I want variety. Most servers are nice and offer to remove the cheese, but they are missing the point. If I wanted that I would have asked for it. What, they can’t read my mind?

So pleeeeeeeaaasse help. Show me a world with no cheese. Where can I go for a traditional sandwich that has not been ruined by CHEESE?


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