The Foodists Preview Hapa Umi

The Foodists Explore Hapa Umi Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver.

Recently Mark and I had the privilege of getting a first-hand sneak peak of the new Hapa Umi just before they opened. Hapa Umi is latest offering from this city’s preeminent izakaya empire Hapa Izakaya. Make no mistake, however, this is no izakaya! Izakaya is basically characterized as casual, fun Japanese pub food whereas Hapa Umi is aiming higher. With a more sophisticated menu squarely in the realm of fine dining, Hapa Umi brings sushi, a heavy emphasis on Ocean Wise product and a bar/lounge to the Hapa experience.

Slick signage on Cordova entrance.

The room, located at 909 West Cordova in the old Metro Restaurant location, is slick and has tremendous views. Can’t wait for the good weather patio dining either. In this segment, while the chefs ironed out the details, Ben got to cooking while Mark tried his hand at some mixology (he’s keeping his day job). A nod to Hapa’s savvy, they’ll be keeping us out of the kitchen and the bar moving forward, but it was fun while it lasted! It’s early days still, but with the Hapi machine behind this we only expect great things and much success.

Hapa Umi dining room

The bar. Try a pear sakitini, or work your way through an extensive sake list.

Watch the video:

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