Foodists Cutter Ranch Trip 2012

In order to appreciate the food we are consuming, I believe that one should have some idea of where their food comes from.  As you can imagine I was very excited when the opportunity arose to visit our Foodist friends at Cutter Ranch in Clinton BC, a place where many Foodists buy their lamb, pork and beef.  Cutter Ranch owners, Sasha and Tyler, kindly open their farm doors to us, providing the perfect backdrop to a simple country feast.

This incredible experience started by travelling the dirt country roads for numerous kilometers to get to their property, passing and dodging meandering bovines along the way.

We arrived around dusk which added to the romanticism of the country-life. The sun was setting turning everything into a smokey golden hue.

Tyler greeted us with an open beer and introduced us to our main course; a lamb roasting over an open fire.

In the distance the subtle lapping of a stream and the bleating of sheep could be heard, as the ever-playful dogs on the property were eager to greet and meet potential new playmates.

As we waited for the meat to cook we toured the vast property and were introduced to the flock. We all took photos, imitated the sheep and then meandered over to the garden that Sasha and Tyler planted and grew especially for our arrival.

Suddenly we all became a little more country as we plucked fresh vegetables straight from the earth for our meal. Potatoes, beets, carrots, leeks, onions, with fresh dill. The epitome of fresh was crunching into soil-covered carrots only seconds after being pulled form the earth.  The sweetness incomparable to anything you can buy in a grocery store.

Dinner preparation began as the sun went down. 12+ foodies all crowded in a country kitchen. The booze was flowing and contentment fluttered across everyones face as each person had a task in preparing the meal, which was done it the utmost of their culinary abilities.

The lamb was being taken apart, the vegetables being washed and knives were being sharpened. At the end of all the turmoil we had a feast that was literally picked from the back yard.

For me, this was an amazing experience and a great way to get away from the stresses and business of the city. Time seemed to slow down and moments were more genuine that night. Preparing and sharing a home grown, freshly picked meal with friends is probably one of the more intimate experiences one can have.

We were fortunate to have enjoyed this experience.

With the growing support of customers and the continual growing demand Cutter Ranch is moving to a much larger farm in the Kootenay’s just outside of Cranbrook BC.  Their animals will be enjoying 70 acres of pastures, hayfields and forest, along with 2 creeks that run through the property to allow them to continue to water their animals on glacier fed water.

If you are interested in learning more about Cutter Ranch or inquiring about their meats please visit or follow @CutterRanch on twitter and be sure to check out the flickr page for more images.


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