Nuns ‘n Noodles

At a dinner we recently hosted we were presented with a paired tortellini appetizer. As my cousin described it, fresh out of class at the Northwest Culinary Academy, it was his homemade nun’s habit (akin to Lucrezia Borgia’s navel…or was it Venus’?) stuffed with leeks and spot prawns. Vodka-prosciutto cream sauce and pea shoots to boot. A little butter here, a little butter there. But how did he make the pasta so smooth and chewable? A pasta crank. What I wished we had the Christmas we attempted Jamie Oliver’s squash-stuffed pasta roll. Should have practiced that one. We were so well-versed in gnocchi, what’s the big deal about a little rotolo-making? Well at least the filling was edible.

Pasta making is part easy as pie, part finicky science. Once you know that science, nothing beats it. I have a great Don’t Have a Cow, Man lasagna recipe that would welcome fresh sheets cranked out with love. So with that thought I challenge you, cousin Pete. Invite us over for a pasta-making tutorial. We’ll bring the wine. Maybe even the filling for another rotolo, this time inspired with the Oliver spirit of pukka. Wait, he doesn’t say that anymore.


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