Props to Chef Eric

Mark and I have been cooking successfully for years, but never with any formal training. Last year we decided it would be a good thing to take a class or two and enrolled in the basics of French cooking classes offered at The Cookshop. This was a six part course that provided a terrific overview of traditional French cooking. By far the best aspect of this course was the instructor, Chef Eric Arrouzé. Aside from the thick French accent that lent a tangible air of authenticy to the whole experience, Chef Eric’s entertaining stories and dynamic personality sweep you away. In fact, it’s so fun you forget you’re learning. After the six classes I feel I’ve got a great handle on the fundamentals and often go back to the recipes he gave us. Chef Eric also has a terrific website filled with all sorts of tips and recipes. A dead simple one, and by far one of the best salmon dishes I’ve had, is the Cedar Plank Salmon with Ginger Maple Syrup Glaze. This salmon season grab a fillet and a slab of cedar and go for it. You won’t regret it. Thanks Chef Eric!


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