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The weather hasn’t been great here for over a week. With June around the corner it’s a bit of a bummer and then today we get a taste of summer, quite literally. A vendor asked us to lunch so we suggested Gord Martin’s (of Bin 941 and Bin 942 fame) Go Fish. Located right next to the “Life Ring” off the government fishing docks just west of Granville Island, this little fish stand is entering its third season though we’ve never been.

The menu is short, but boosted with daily specials based on the premise of serving whatever the boats are bringing in. With a location so proximal, that’s not hard at all. Delicate and fresh halibut is enrobed with a light, crispy batter and deep fried to perfection (halibut is in season right now so skip the cod). The chips were perfect, crispy exterior and tender interior suggesting a proper double-fry technique. We also sampled the fish tacos which were prepared with grilled salmon and bursting with flavour. Those with fond memories of the fish tacos served throughout Mexico’s coastal towns won’t be disappointed.

Served alongside the fish and chips and tacos was a delightful, not to tangy fresh coleslaw tossed in a light but pronounced sesame dressing that nicely complemented the main dishes. Also on offer was a grilled oyster taco, empire scallop burger (so tempting!) and many other dishes that made decisions rather difficult.

Be warned, there is limited parking, outdoor only seating (but the dishes are portable if you want to sit along the seawall) and big lines at peak times. The staff are friendly and efficient so wait for a nice day and bask in the sun and you’ll hardly notice the wait until your second visit, but only because you’ll know what’s about to come.

Go Fish is located on Granville Island in Vancouver. Their telephone is (604) 730-5040

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  1. Posted on June 21st, 2009

    Too bad the owner Gord Martin is so brutal to his staff and customers. I can’t support than man.

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