Not authentic, but muy delicioso

Okay, okay. I know I said I was on a quest for an authentic taco.

But my dad was in town, and he loves Tex-Mex, which is awfully hard to find in the Okanagan. Plus I didn’t feel like driving anywhere. So we wandered down the street to Lolita’s South of the Border Cantina. Enough excuses… I’m ready for some sangria!

The red sangria was bursting with berry goodness – full of muddled strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. Then we started with the guacamole. Creamy avocado topping a dish of equally creamy black bean dip. A nice combo, although certainly mild-mannered. The accompanying tortilla chips were a treat, dusted in chili powder and lime, I would guess. I just wish it came with more of them, as we had plenty of dip left and no more chips.

Since I knew this is not the place for authentic tacos, although I’m sure they’re delicious in their own right, I ordered the “pescado y papas fritas.” These fish and chips are a tropical take on their English cousins: snapper with a coconut and almond crust, accompanied by pineapple tartar sauce, yam and yucca fries, and jicama and apple coleslaw. The snapper was crunchy with a hint of sweetness from the coconut. The slaw light and refreshing, while the fries were rather starchy… but hey, what else can you expect from yam and yucca? To be honest, the best part of the meal was the tartar sauce. It sounds weird, but it works. The pineapple lends a yummy tang to a traditional fav.

I love the fact that I can walk to Lolita’s, because it’s a crowd pleaser and never disappoints (not to mention the enticing bar menu!). I’ve been there for dinner, brunch and drinks, and it’s always great food, friendly service and a buzzing atmosphere. And my dad is still raving about the restaurant, and his paella, a week later.

Lolita’s South of the Border Cantina is located 1326 Davie Street in Vancouver, BC; (604) 696-9996,

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