If The Beer Fits…

There are certain criteria for assessing the quality of anything. For that new pair of running shoes you got last week, the Canada Prime ribeye you had for dinner last night. And so on. For beer, there’s fizziness, hoppiness, and uhhhh, tastiness. Yeah. To the above, I’d like to add Canadianness. From Victoria, Phoenix Gold Lager has arisen from the ashes of American tall bottle bland tasting mass-produced corporate beer crapola, and these old-school stubbies look great and fit in your fridge like a well-worn pair of Watson work gloves.

Matt Phillips started Phillips Brewing in 2001. He was formerly a brewer at Spinnakers Brewpub, at Whistler Brewing and at Wildhorse Brewing. He doesn’t have a website, but he makes great beer.

Phillips Brewing
426 William St.
Victoria, British Columbia , Canada
V9A 5V1
(250) 380-1912


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