Did Guy Fawkes eat Egg-in-the-Basket?

Eggs in a Basket

You know you are a foodie, when you watch a movie like V for Vendetta, and what you take away from it is: “That looks like a tasty breakfast treat!” That’s what happened to Mark and I the other night. The morning after watching the movie, we had a hankering for an “Egg-in-the-Basket” breakfast!

So, it’s easy. Fry up some bacon and put it aside. Take a piece of bread and use a glass to make a hole in the middle of the bread. Fry the bread in the pan that you cooked the bacon in (or, if you are into the low fat version, don’t use bacon grease, but lightly butter the toast). Crack an egg and drop it into the hole of the bread. Flip it and serve!

It’s fun to play with food. You don’t need to wear a Guy Fawkes mask to make this though.

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