There’s wind in them ales

Brooklyn Brewery Wind Power

Organic. Sustainable. All natural. Renewable. Green. Terms bandied about casually these days–especially in food circles–but what does an environmentally responsible approach to beer making mean? For Brooklyn Brewery it means sustainable energy. The company’s brewery and corporate headquarters in Brewer’s Row in Brooklyn, New York are 100% powered by wind-generated electricity provided by  Community Energy Inc. Not surprisingly, they also have a recycling program that pays farmers in New Jersey pick up and feed the spent grain and organic byproducts of the brewing process to their livestock, making good use of Brooklyn Brewery’s waste.

The first Canadian beer tap to carry this US made “green” elixir is at The Alibi Room in Vancouver where I sampled a couple pints recently. This is really good beer. And somehow tastes just a little better knowing that its origins weren’t the result of fossil fuels or had a negative environmental impact. Good one Brooklyn Brewery.


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