Howe Sound Brewery in Pictures

I was recently up at the Howe Sound Inn and Brewery taking in some of British Columbia’s awesome scenery and imbibing way too much.

It's called the sea to sky highway for a reason

If you get the chance, I recommend stopping in for their pulled pork pizza and a few pitchers of their amazing beer.

Try them all... assuming you don't pass out first

If you ask nicely you can even get a tour of the brewery and try out some of the raw grains used to make the beer (raw grains are surprisingly good).


These would make a great bar snack

Where the magic starts

Where the magic matures

Where the magic is bottled

Plan to spend the night (or have someone else drive) as their beers are not low in alcohol.  My favorites included the Rail Ale, King Heffy, and Devil’s Elbow but the clear winner was an advanced sampling of this year’s Pumpkineater.

My favorite

I tried talking them into letting me buy a case, but was told it wouldn’t be officially released until sometime in September and I’d have to wait.

I guess I’ll just have to go back for more.


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  1. Posted on September 7th, 2011

    Out of all the pumpkin ales available locally, Howe Sound is my favourite. Like pumpkin pie in a bottle… mmmm!

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