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One of the many perks working for IB has definitely been around people who has a passion for great well-cooked authentic food. A while back, I had mentioned to both Mark and Ben that I have an aunt who creates magic in the kitchen. Finally on Wednesday, I was given the opportunity to prove my statement as we feasted on these delicious dishes: Adobo, is chicken made with vinegar and soy sauce, a popular dish from the Philippines; Eight Treasure Chicken, hails from Shanghai is sticky rice with meat and vegetables stuffed in chicken; Shanghai Lumpia, is a deep fried pork with vegetables rolls; Misua, is a what we call a ‘Birthday Noodle’ with shrimp, egg, mushrooms, etc. from the Fujian province of China; and Talong, made with eggs and eggplant from Philippines.

Thanks to Mark and Ben for allowing the staff to experience the culinary delights of Auntie Mary!


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  1. Posted on May 5th, 2008

    I just gained 10lbs. reading that Steph. I LOOOOVE Chicken Adobo! Everything else sounds so nummy! :9

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