Would you eat worms if the packaging was really cool?


My wife, who doesn’t even eat lamb, sent me a link to a company called Edible. Divided into sections: Insectivore, Herbs & Spices, Aphrodesiac, Carnivore, Herbivore, and Apothecary, the company scours the earth for the rare, the exotic and unusual. How unusual? How about Ambergris Face Wash which comes from the hindgut of the Sperm Whale? It’s a natural phenomenon and the whales spit the secretion into the sea after eating Giant Squid.

Uh wait, what’s an Insectivore? Someone who eats bugs. Bug eating. Yeah, this is the best part. You want a chocolate covered scorpion or South African Mopani worms, this is the place to get them. The site indicates exactly where in the world the insects are from, how they are harvested and what they are traditionally used for, and how.

Seriously, the descriptions make me rather curious to try it. For example, ” The Ants are specially bred Polyrachis Black Ants, and they have a spicy peppery taste similar to chilli peppers…” Sign me up.
And, as mentioned, the packaging is really cool. Seriously, it takes the Fear Factor down a notch.


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