Single ‘malt’ maple syrup!

I was strolling through Costco on my way to grab a bottle of maple syrup and stumbled into not the standard plastic bottle they usually sell, but this terrific looking bottle of organic syrup that looks just like a decent high end scotch.

A real clever package design that jumped right off the shelf and into my basket. I wasn’t sure if I was paying a premium for the organic aspect or the package, but I had to have it. Turns out it’s from L.B. Maple Treat, the same folks that make all the other mass-marketed maple syrup and products you see in supermarkets and tourist shops across Canada. Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily. It’s actually good stuff, but I’m not really a maple syrup snob per se. And it looks great on the brunch table to boot. Pity they haven’t done for their website what they did for this bottle.

It has got me thinking I should do a little digging on maple syrup and see what’s what. There’s a person at our local farmer’s market that sells it so next time I go I’ll quiz him and report back.


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