Dumplings, a little taste of heaven

Photo Credit: Super Charz on Flickr

Photo Credit: Super Charz on Flickr

Tonight, many of us at were proud to celebrate the official launch of this tasty foodblog. What better way than an intimate demonstration of how Don Dickson & Joyce Chang-Dickson create flavorful international dishes using specialty food items sold at their Vancouver store, South China Seas (corner of Grant & Victoria–their original location is still at the Granville Island Market). Our wonderful evening began with Don sharing his incredibly inventive and delicious recipe for Truffled Jiaozi: dumplings stuffed with pork, veal, truffle oil and Chinese truffles. The recipe will be posted here soon from another Foodist, but I won’t steal their thunder. Instead, I will share the first thing I thought of as I watched Joyce confidently make each little taste of heaven….that famous opening scene to the mandarin film, “Eat Drink Man Woman”! Enjoy….and don’t just sit there. Go get some yourself some dumplings!!!  (*ps. This photo is the actual stunt double used in the opening credits of the film, and not Joyce. Thankfully, she does not possess man hands.)


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