Like Water for Chocolate


OK, it’s Valentines and as cliché as it is to post something involving chocolate, you’ll thank me for this one. If you have a craving for chocolate mousse but are like me where you don’t want to spend the energy or time making one, and you don’t want to go to a restaurant to just have a quick chocolate fix, give this a try. Honestly.

As most food people know, it’s common knowledge to never mix water with chocolate. When you do you usually end up with a grainy, nasty mess. But… thanks to Hervé This (the father of Molecular Gastronomy) for me chocolate mousse will never be the same.

Basically, you bring 1 part water to boil in a pot, add 3 parts chocolate, preferably  bittersweet, (the good stuff, seriously, use good quality chocolate here). Melt it all down and stir till all the chocolate has dissolved.

chocolate_mousse_molecularHave ready two other mixing bowls, one filled with ice and a little water, the other to sit empty on top the other bowl of ice and water. Pour the chocolate mix into the empty bowl and then whisk like mad. Within a few minutes you’ll have pure – pure – chocolate mousse. Yes. Yes it’s true.

At first I didn’t believe it myself but after trying it out, well… let’s just say I need to hit the gym.

Don’t believe me…  watch Hervé’s friend Heston put it to the test:

Thank you Hervé!


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