Men in the kitchen


Here’s an interesting article about an all-male dinner club in Napa called “Men Who Cook” who know how to do it up right in the kitchen. The article talks about the trend for increasingly more men spending time in the kitchen as the primary cook in households. It claims that market research suggests that “typical men” do not cook much at all, but that male participation in home meal preparation “is the highest it’s ever been in this country.”

I don’t know about you guys, but in my parents’ house, the kitchen was primarily my Dad’s domain. “Get out of MY kitchen” often heard if any hungry kids wander in in pursuit of the origin of a particularly wonderful smell around dinner time. And now, I sort of feel the same way: the kitchen is my “man room”. Andrea is an amazing cook, and I love when she spoils me with her creations, but I tend to be the primary cook in our home and find it as soothing after a long as it is rewarding.

How about in your house? Is the kitchen the primary domain of the men or women? Who does most of the cooking?


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