Long Table Series

Long Table Series

Braised Short Ribs and Guinness at the Irish Heather

A Gastown institution for the better part of a decade, the old Irish Heather (old, as in, before the move) always had a special place in my weekend schedule.

While undeniably a much more impressive space, I’ll admit I still haven’t quite warmed up to the new location yet. Less seating and more of a standing bar atmosphere made it a bit less place-to-hole-up-for-an-evening, a bit more place-to-be-seen; it didn’t quite feel like the Heather I knew and loved.

So when I heard that the kitchen had brought in a new executive chef, I mentally noted I should head back and sample the kitchen fare again. And when I caught wind of their new Long Table Series, it was time.

Taking place in the adjoining Salty Tongue deli, diners are seated around the Series’ namesake 40-ft communal table for a fixed menu paired with beer or cider, all for just $12.

That’s right, 12 bucks for dinner and a pint. I’m not going to question the economics of the Long Table, but having been to two now, I can tell you that’s some serious value. The first LTS dinner I had was the Braised Beef Short Ribs: as tender and juicy as you’d hope, and well-matched with parsnips and a pint of Guinness. I went back the next week for the Roasted Lemon/Rosemary Cornish Game Hen: the chips and gravy gave the plate a more pedestrian feel, but the hen itself was roasted to juicy, tangy perfection. And at that price it’s hard not to keep going back every week, so I have high hopes for the Suckling Pig dinner coming up in a few days.

It’s possibly a time-limited series, running four times a week “as long as our customers want it”. Judging by the smiles and contented sighs on both nights I’ve been, and the rate at which future dates are selling out, the Long Table Series is a hit. Long live the new Heather!

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  1. Posted on July 21st, 2009

    thanks for the heads up! this sounds great…love to see people here in Vancouver thinking about stuff like this.

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