Dirty DISHrag!


Ever wonder what the chefs who’ve just created the most amazing culinary experience you’ve ever had in your life get up to once you’ve paid the cheque and are out the door? Well, now you can. If you want to. Celeste Mah’s sometimes profane but always honest tell-all blog, Dirty DISHrag, lets us in on all the (usually drunken) shenanigans of Vancouver’s finest chefs and waitrons once the guests are gone and the lights are off. Mah’s a pastry chef I used to work with at West until I wised up and started selling food to restaurants instead of at restaurants last year. I’m off the floor now, but it’s nice to see that many of my peeps are still going strong, in their spare time finding the creative ways to destroy both liver and brain cells that are a must for working your ass off in a kitchen day after day. I miss ya, Mah!!!


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