Rouxbe: The Recipe For Better Cooking

Rouxbe connects professional chefs with home cooks: people who love food and are looking to expand their culinary repertoire and improve their skills in the kitchen by serving up online instructional cooking videos that walk you step by step through each delicious recipe. Their video recipes provide what no cookbook can: audio and visual cues that professional chefs use as their guides to preparing great recipes with the focus is not on the gorgeous, delicious food instead of the celebrity chef!

Rouxbe has also created “Rouxbe for Life”, a program every employee, investor and advisor of Rouxbe is committed to and is passionate about. Rouxbe contributes 15% of all subscriber and founding member fees (not just profits) to this program. The goal? To help feed children in developing countries that suffer from chronic hunger.

Find out more about Rouxbe at and Rouxbe for Life at


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