Don’t bypass the 2009 BBQ on the Bypass


Summer should never go out with a wimper so get yourself down to Langley this Sunday for what is easily the best barbecue competition in the lower mainland. Angie Quaale and her team at Well Seasoned put on this incredible event and frankly, though Whistler is the bigger annual event, this one has much to offer. While the crowds are growing every year, they aren’t so big that you find yourself uncomfortably stuffed into lines fighting for a few ribs! There’s entertainment, lots of food and bbq action.

For those of you who live in Langley or thereabouts, Well Seasoned is a fabulous resource of specialty and gourmet food and gear akin to Vancouver’s Gourmet Warehouse. Save yourself the trip to town and frequent this gem. They also offer cooking classes. A few years ago I took a day long competition barbecue workshop there led by Brian and Glen of House of Q that got me on the right track for great barbecue.

The main event starts at 10am this Sunday, September 13th. Details and directions can be found on the BBQ on the Bypass website. See you there.


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