Foodists Represent at Interesting Vancouver

foodists_IVThe 2nd installment of Interesting Vancouver is taking place on Friday October 23rd at The Vancouver Rowing Club. Those of us who attended last year were treated to one of the most refreshing and inspiring gatherings that you could hope to experience. This was ultimately due to the fact that the evening was not centered around any particular industry, nor was it trying to get us to upgrade anything, jump on bandwagons or subscribe to hidden agendas. As Brett McFarlane, the founder of IV, states, it is “a multi-disciplinary conference that seeks to impart new knowledge, things you’ve never known, or thought about. Open up parallel thinking ports. Activate parts of your brain that for even the brainiest person may have been neglected or unexplored.”

And so, seeing as food is interesting, and that Foodists tend to approach food in interesting ways, it should come as no surprise to learn that two contributors from this site will be giving talks about this very subject at this year’s event: Eagranie Yuh, aka The Well Tempered Chocolatier and yours truly.

Eagranie will be discussing “The Science and Art of Sweet Things” for which she provides the following enticing teaser: “Nearly everyone loves chocolate, but few consider the fascinating science and technique that goes into crafting a single morsel of chocolate. Tempering chocolate is what makes the difference between a squishy, squooshy mess that resembles mud pie, and shiny, snappy chocolate that melts luxuriously on your tongue. Great chocolatiers balance creative ability with scientific knowledge, and the result is…well, delicious.”

My own talk is titled “Mindful Eating: The Biography of a Single Bite” which, when it comes down to it is going to be a somewhat rambling diatribe on travel, buddhism, eating local, slaughterhouses and Oreo cookies. Or something like that.

Sound interesting? Well, you will have to see for yourself. After the buzz of last year’s event I suspect that tickets will be going fast so get them while you can. And we’ll see you on the 23rd!


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